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Competition ... Disruption ... Opportunity

In case you haven't noticed, the world of retail banking is in flux.

We find ourselves in a perfect storm of change:

  • Customers switch bank as easily as trying out a new app
  • Mobile banking offered by challenger banks raises the bar for user experience
  • Open banking exponentially increases consumers' options, and fintechs take on incumbents to offer completely new approaches to everything to do with money
  • Digitally-native younger customers demand their money management apps to be as seamless and convenient as ecommerce and social media
  • Big tech like Amazon and Facebook look poised to enter consumer banking and payments

But are these disruptive threats, or the biggest opportunities of a generation?

Featuring insights from April Rudin, Jim Marous, Adina Eckstein, and 17 other leading experts, this unique new multi-author white paper explores the state of consumer banking in 2019-2020... 1000x white_paper_banking_disruption_brochure_cover_with_inside_open_tabletop_v1.0


The idea that started this white paper is that "too much is happening too fast in banking" - to keep up, it's no good to rely on research and advice from within your own four walls.

The only way to keep up is to take a more open approach, and this is why we sought out twenty experts from around our banking technology world to serve as your guide...

Alongside CREALOGIX commentators we are delighted to welcome an incredible list of experts sharing their insights:

  • April Rudin, The Rudin Group
  • Neil Costello, Atom Bank
  • Ricky Knox, Tandem Bank
  • Adam Rajpal, OakNorth
  • Nim Haas, GPS
  • Stuart Coleman, Open Bank Project
  • Seshika Fernando, WSO2
  • Elise Nunn, Plum
  • Mateja Perenic, Futurist
  • Kirsi Larkiala, Finnish Fintech Ecosystem
  • Kofo Are, Flux Marketing
  • Jeremy Nicholds, Judopay
  • Kelly Read-Parish, Credit Kudos
  • Raj Singh, banker, author
  • Lisa Moyle, FinTECHTalents
  • David Gyori, Banking Reports
  • Alex Jimenez, Zions Bancorporation
  • Adina Eckstein, HSBC
  • Jim Marous, The Financial Brand


CREALOGIX are immensely grateful to all of these awesome contributors: we've learned a lot from collaborating on this white paper and we're sure you will too.

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