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Untangling PSD2

Open banking promises an exciting new world of innovation and customer convenience...

But between here and the promised future lies a potential minefield of technological change managment, regulation, and the threat of competitive disruption.

In this exclusive webinar, UK open banking expert Chris Wood puts PSD2 in the wider context of open banking and the API era, and guides us through:

  • How APIs changed other industries
  • How APIs are changing banking, accelerated by PSD2 regulation
  • Business risks and opportunities associated with open banking
  • Does PSD2 compliance mean banking will be truly open?


Date: Thursday 6 June 2019

Time: 11am (London)

Recommended for: business, strategy, and digital leadership in retail banking, private banking, and fintech

Sign up on this page to join our webinar: you'll be able to ask any questions you have about PSD2 and open banking at the end.


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Chris Wood

Chris is an independent API architect, developer and writer who has worked on a wide variety of projects in financial services.

He has recently contributed to the UK efforts to build PSD2-compliant API standards, both on the HSBC team as a technical architect, and for the Open Banking Implementation Entity as API architect and standards author.


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