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Start a digital dialog with your customers

Today’s smartphone-savvy users expect accurate information at their fingertips – instantly.
They also want personal interactions with their bankso you need to be able to engage with them in the way that they want. 

CREALOGIX Conversational is a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that provides a smartfast-to-deploy method of connecting and engaging securely with customers – anytime, anywhere, via the most popular mobile channels, such as iOS and Android. 

Banks can maximise customer engagement by:

    • Handle multiple conversations at the same time and semi-automate them with FAQ allows saving time for banks and their customers


    • Ensuring investment offers are sent to a wide range of your target customers at the same time


    • Optimising user experience by providing customers contacts for all their needs


    • Attaching additional information, such as investment proposals or mortgage applications


    • Reducing administrative workload


  • Ensuring mobile communications meet regulatory compliance standards

Clients can benefit from a closer digital dialogue through:

    • Receiving investment proposal campaigns and general notifications from the bank on any mobile device via 'push' technology


    • Having advisors and relationship managers available at their fingertips


    • Being able to make complex financial service processes and decisions easier and faster and receiving much faster responses to queries


    • Having a much closer working relationship with their banks without any media breaks


    • Receiving a much more tailored offering to meet their specific needs

How Conversational works

Conversational utilises CUIs (Conversational User Interfaces), which are a new customer interaction paradigm for digital natives and digital skeptics alike. It allows more personal and efficient interactions between advisors and customers via text-based interfaces with the most popular messaging platforms. 


icon_10_messages_and_chat_dark_yellow_54     Enables fast text-based digital dialogue with customers and serve them better.


icon_43_business_dark_yellow_89     Maximises cross-selling and upselling opportunities and increases customer conversion rates.


icon_05_time_dark_yellow_38     Ensures that customers receive immediate notifications and, with deep links, access to important news and updates.


icon_47_applications_dark_yellow_58     Offers customers a really engaging digital banking and conversation without media breaks.

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